You’ve always been a VIP to us!

Now you can get the star treatment!

Become a Goddiva VIP!

Earn points and save big!

For every 100 points you earn you get $1 to spend on fabulous fashion. And earning points is easy, so you’ll soon be racking them up....

Here’s how

Simply log in or create an account We’ll give you 50 points to get you started

Make a purchase Earn 5 points for every dollar you spend

VIP Birthday A gift for you of 300 points to help celebrate your birthday in style

Follow us on Instagram Get your outfit inspiration plus 30 points towards your next look

Like us on Facebook Fashion, inspiration and 25 points for you

Follow us on Twitter Get all the goss, plus 25 points in your pocket

Share the love with a friend Your friends know you have good taste. Refer a friend and get $10 off when you spend $65 for each friend that orders for the first time. Your friend gets $10 off their first order too!

Redeeming your hard earned points is simple – once you have reached a minimum of 500 points you can create vouchers from your rewards account. You can then use these towards any purchase on Goddiva


How do I join?

When you sign up for a Goddiva account we’ll enrol you automatically and gift you your first 50 points

How do I earn points?

There are loads of ways to earn points, from making a purchase, referring a friend, following us on social media, even for being born! (Technically speaking – you get points on your birthday every year).

How do I view my points balance?

Once you're logged in you can see your points in the lower left corner of your screen by the Goddiva VIP icon.

How do I redeem my points?

Once you reach a minimum of 100 points you can create vouchers from your rewards account. You can then use these towards any purchase on Goddiva.

Is there a limit to the number of points I can earn?

The only limit is your imagination!

I have made a purchase or completed a goal but my points balance hasn't gone up – what's wrong?

Nothing's wrong – it can sometimes take a day or two for your points to be allocated to your account. If you think you're still missing points after 2 weeks have passed, don't hesitate to let us know.

Why did my balance go down?

This can happen if you cancelled or returned a purchase.

What do "approved", "pending" and "cancelled" statuses mean?

Approved: They're all yours to spend as you wish!

Pending: These just need a quick verification before you can start spending – they are usually related to purchases or referrals and will be generally be verified in 14 days.

Cancelled: These points will not be added to your account, typically when you cancel your order (moving the points from "pending" to "cancelled")

How do I refer a friend?

In your Goddiva VIP panel on the bottom left hand side of your screen you will find your unique code under the "Refer a Friend" tab which you can share with your friends and social media followers. Your bestie MUST use this code to make their purchase in order for you to receive your reward, we cannot allocate rewards for any purchase made without using your unique link

How do I get points for following the Goddiva social media accounts?

Log into your Goddiva account and click on the Goddiva VIP dashboard – you can then select the social media account you would like to follow and we'll add the points to your account!

Do my points expire?

If your account is dormant for 1 year (ie. if no purchases have been made) your VIP account will be deactivated and you will lose any points you have accrued.

Once you have claimed your voucher it will be valid for 6 months before expiry

Are Goddiva VIP points refundable?

Unfortunately not, once you have redeemed your points they are non- refundable and have no monetary value.

How can I leave the VIP programme?

We'll try not to take it personally! If you no longer wish to receive points on your purchases simply contact us and we will withdraw you from the programme. You can always sign up again, but your balance will be zero.

What happens if I leave and want to join again?

We'd be happy to have you back! Just let us know and we'll sign you up again. However, your points balance will begin again from zero.

Goddiva VIP Terms and Conditions

  • Points are redeemable only on
  • Points from orders will be pending for 14 days before being made live on your account. Any points from purchases which are later cancelled will be removed from your account.
  • Delivery charges are not included when calculating your points – you do not earn points from the delivery fee
  • You will only receive points on purchases for every full dollar ($) you spend.
  • If your account is dormant during 12 months (ie. you don’t make a purchase during 12 months) your account will be automatically de-activated and you will lose any points you may have accrued. You can always sign up again, but your points balance will be zero.
  • You cannot collect multiple points for repeating the same action, such as multiple reviews of the same product.
  • Goddiva may cancel, withdraw or alter Goddiva VIP Points at any time, including these Terms and any Goddiva VIP Points account, without notice